‘Star Wars – Republic Commandos: Triple Zero’ – Chapter 16 (Part 9)

20 Mar

It was Sunday and I really wanted to go to church this morning, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  THIS MORNING I WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN!!!  Who knew that jackhammering some steps on the side of my house would have such a physical impact on me!  I woke up to the alarm going off this morning.  I went to reach for the alarm clock and I was in SO much pain.  I could barely lift my arm.  I laid in bed last night in pain and I laid in bed this morning in pain.  My wife tried to help (God bless her soul), but my body just needed to stop for a day so I could recoup.  So, we decided to sleep in this morning.  We got up around nine-thirty this morning and just chilled.  We went out into the family room and watched some T.V. and Heather made some monkey bread with the kids while I took a nice relaxing bath.  It worked to at least loosen up my muscles and get me to be a little more relaxed for the day.

After my bath, I felt a little more energetic, so I decided that while we watched “Lethal Weapon 4” on TBS, I would build the grill while I was watching.  We made a great team because Heather, Tara, and myself all built the grill inside our family room.  Outside, Ruth and Austin took apart our other grill so it could go out to the curb for the garbage men on Tuesday morning.  It took a while, but we got the grill built.  After building the grill, I went to the basement, did some final computer work from the weekend and then started to watch the 2010 version of “Robin Hood” with Russell Crowe while I worked on catching up this blog.  While we watched, Heather and I got some lunch and then finished up the movie.  After the movie, I started to watch the Nascar race and then took a nap (and so did Heather).

After our naps, I switched over to watching “Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again” which was followed by “Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity” on the Comedy Channel.  I watched that while I grilled on our new grill making hamburgers.  We had a dinner of burgers, mac salad, and strawberries and Heather had some ice cream in the freezer for dessert.  It was a good dinner!  After dinner, I went into the basement and watched an episode of “King of Queens” while I continued to update this blog.  After that, I played COD: MW2 for about an hour and then I worked on uploading an episode of GalaxyCast.

After that, I watched my usual shows including “Amazing Race” and “Celebrity Apprentice” while I DVR’d “Undercover Boss” and “CSI: Miami”.  Tomorrow would be an interesting day because I would have to catch up from Friday as well as instruct tomorrow and my daughter will be observing me.  I’m not sure why, but it makes me a little nervous.  Never been observed by my daughter and she may be more subjective than my own boss, LOL!

Okay, let’s talk about Part 9 of Chapter 16 of “Star Wars – Republic Commandos:  Triple Zero” by Karen Traviss……

Chapter 16 (Part 9):  Obrim asked Kal if he knew what time it was and Kal cut to the chase asking which of his men was on surveillance at the Plaza.  Obrim asked if he meant today and then responded that none of his men were there.  Kal asked about Organized Crime Unit and Obrim said said he didn’t know, but would ask and said Skirata’s secrecy seems to suddenly be a problem.  Kal then told Obrim to visit his OCU friends a visit and tell them that anyone seen in their scopes may become bantha fodder and asked if they would understand.  He told Obrim that he didn’t want them crashing in like the Treasury did tonight and Obrim acted surprised.  He then told Obrim that they caught an audit officer that was investigating supplies being stolen.  But he made an offer to Obrim instead and said they have forty-three locations in Galactic City where they know there have been Seperatist activity.  He said they have some high target areas, but they have other targets that Obrim’s men could hit.  Obrim asked when and Skirata said he’d like to hit their targets first so they are not accidentally all falling over each other.  Obrim said he can authorize this, but that he has zero control over OCU.  Kal told him to find someone who does as Obrim commented that he has really gone bandit and Kal said he didn’t really want to know……


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