‘Star Wars: Jedi Trial’ – Chapter 21 (Part 6)

6 Feb

Monday.  Beginning of the work week and looking ahead, this is going to be one heck of a long week for me.  I have something going on pretty much every night of the week this week along with trying to get done with every project that I am trying to finish up.  I got up this morning and headed into the shower.  Heather and I talked a little about our day today and the week the rest of the week.  After that, Heather headed off to work.  I got into the shower and got dressed and then we watched “Fox and Friends” while we ate breakfast and got ready for our days.  There was a lot of political things going on, but the big one was the new law that President Barrack Hussein Obama just recently passed.  In it, he is going to require ALL hospitals to provide common health care for everyone.  At it’s face value it sounds like a good idea, till you start to read the context of the bill.  It will require that Catholic Hospitals be available to give abortions, even though it would be against the religious beliefs of every worker of that hospital to do so!  Also, it will require them to dispense contraceptives at these facilities too.  Now, I have a question for our President – do we really have a shortage of places to give out contraceptives as well as perform abortions?  The answer is no.  Instead, this bill is invading on the seperation of church and state act.  So, I will make a counter-argument:  There is NO stipulation about the seperation of church and state in the actual Constitution!  So, if that is the case, then bring back prayer to schools.  If that is the case, bring back the ten commandments to the steps of our state buildings.  If there is a belief of seperation of church and state, then the seperation goes both ways!  Anyway, after some time I headed off to work and the kids went to school.

I got to work and set things up for my day today.  Today was the introductions to Music Theory.  So my sixth graders got their intros to learning the keyboard, the staff, the clefs and how to interpret them.  My seventh graders reviewed the same information adding in information about ledger lines and my eighth graders did the same as my seventh graders.  Overall, my classes performed fairly well.  I did have one class that had to switch over to assigned seating just so I could keep track of the behaviors in the room, but I cannot complain with how my students performed.  After my instructional day, I went straight home because there were things I needed to get done.

I got home, got the mail and came in the house.  I changed into some jeans and then started to work on my big project for the night – finishing my Mando bucket for my photo shoot on Thursday.  Not too long afterward, Heather came home and brought the kids home from their piano lessons.  She then made dinner while I painted and I then joined the family for dinner.  After dinner, while I waited on some drying paint, I played about a half an hour of COD: BO and then continued to work on my bucket as well as Gary’s.  I stopped during the night, long enough to take Tara to Girl Scouts and drop Ruth off to Musical rehearsal and then came back home.  As I worked tonight, I watched my usual shows including “How I Met Your Mother”, “Two Broke Girls”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Mike and Molly” and then Heather and I switched over to watching “Smash” and that show was actually really good!  After that, we went to bed.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 6 of Chapter 21 of “Star Wars:  Jedi Trial” by David Sherman and Dan Cragg…….

Chapter 21 (Part 6):  They got back to their own lines and L’loxx saluted Halcyon and reported about their wounded.  He told them three major points:  They are vulnerable on the right because the hill is only lightly defended, they have no artillery on that side, and poor droid maintenance may actually play in to their combat strength, which means that breakdowns are leading to less combat strength.  Anakin asked who was wounded and L’loxx reported that the Rodian was but also told the Jedi that Grudo helped to save this mission.  He also told Halcyon that his two guards did their job as well.  Slayke asked who the other trooper was that was injured and L’loxx explained the tale of Odie and Erk and Slayke remembered that he sent them out to Izable.  That’s when L’loxx revealed that Odie shot Grudo in a friendly fire incident. Halcyon then made the call that at zero-six hundred hours, they are going to attack the right flank using L’loxx as their guide.  As more orders were given to Anakin to prepare, Halcyon’s ops officer suggested they wait on the commandos to report.  He said they no longer can wait and told Skywalker to report to him once they are in place so they can attack the center as a feint.  He told them all that after they attack the middle he believes the enemy will reinforce their center from the flanks and when they do, Anakin will attack the right and they should win the day.  Halcyon then insisted they inform all commanders……


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